HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht starts new post-graduate course: integral manager energy transition

The energy transition is in full swing; the demand for professionals who can play a leading role in this is high. There is a need for specialised, technical professionals who can make well-considered and future-proof choices in the built environment. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has therefore launched a new post-hbo to train professionals to become integral managers in the energy transition.

Lenneke Kok, researcher at the Co-Design lectorate and the Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities and also advisor to this programme, emphasises the importance of this programme: "Energy and the energy transition are vital for both companies and governments. We are faced with an increasingly diverse mix of renewable (and non-renewable) energy sources in which we need to match supply and demand. There is a challenge in effectively managing this diversity of sources, we need to ensure that we become less and less dependent on fossil energy and that it all fits within the power grid. Security and reliability of energy supply is crucial, which is why it is essential to train professionals who can address these complex challenges from different perspectives.''

The post-hbo originated from the growing demand from the professional field for a course focusing on energy transition. "Together with professionals working at Stedin, Kenter and BAM, we held a number of design sprints. During these sprints, we developed a comprehensive body of knowledge, to which we then connected the expertise of lecturers from different sectors," Lenneke explains.

Course content

The one-year education programme offers a unique combination of technical expertise and leadership skills. Participants go through four modules covering different aspects of the energy transition, including sustainable techniques and installations, data analytics, licence-to-operate and leading transition. Classes take place on Wednesday afternoons and start in mid-March. Lenneke Kok: "We pay ample attention to the skills you need to realise change. There is also a central role for a personal practical case which runs like a thread through the programme. As a result, knowledge gained is directly applied and integrated into your own working environment."

You learn to connect people and take organisations into the complex and dynamic playing field of energy transition with know-how at the interface of multiple disciplines."

More information

The post-hbo programme Integral Manager Energy Transition enables participants to become a fully-fledged discussion partner for governments, specialists, suppliers and partners and thus play the connecting role in energy transition. For more information about the programme and to register, please visit this page.

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Source: HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences