Utrecht Science Park expands with satellite location Utrecht Science Park Zeist

From now on, the Utrecht Science Park officially has a new satellite location in Zeist, the 'Utrecht Science Park Zeist'. This means the former TNO site with labs and offices on the Utrechtseweg in Zeist will be used to further strengthen the Utrecht Science Park ecosystem.

Four parties - municipality of Zeist, province of Utrecht, Newcastle Investment BV and Utrecht Science Park Foundation - are joining forces to create a work location that is all about innovation. Several innovative companies are already renting spaces on the site, such as Genmab, Ginkgo Bioworks, TNO, ICAT, Scinus Cell Expansion Netherlands, Demcon and Holland Innovative.

After Newcastle Investment BV purchased TNO's Utrechtseweg site, it set out to retain the labs with office space and create a satellite location of the Utrecht Science Park here. This led Newcastle Investment BV to decide to renovate and redevelop the buildings in phases for 'research & development' companies in the life sciences & health sector.

Utrecht Science Park Zeist will become the second formal satellite location of the Utrecht Science Park, after Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven. Traditionally, many companies and institutions in the field of research and health are already present in Zeist. The Utrecht Science Park Zeist will add a new chapter to that history.

For Zeist municipality, these research and office facilities are part of the renewal of Zeist's local economy. In the coming years, this will lead to more than 40,000 m2 of additional space for innovative business activity where about 2,000 people are expected to work. With this development, we are strengthening cooperation with the Utrecht Science Park and with the region."

Walter van Dijk, councillor municipality of Zeist.

As an innovation location, Utrecht Science Park Zeist is a great addition to the Utrecht Science Park where companies, knowledge institutes and governments work together for healthy people in a healthy living environment under the heading 'Heart of Health'."

André van Schie, representative of the province of Utrecht.

We look forward to further cooperation with Utrecht Science Park. We will renovate and redevelop in phases, which will also make the buildings more sustainable."

Robert van Rossum, managing director Newcastle Investment BV.

We are very happy with this important milestone. It is a great expansion with additional lab facilities less than 5 km from the Utrecht Science Park. The great need for this is evident from the companies that have already settled here in a short time."

Jan Henk van der Velden, managing director Utrecht Science Park Foundation.

IIn the presence of the board of directors of the Utrecht Science Park partners, the covenant and cooperation agreement were signed. From left to right. Susanne Schilderman, André van Schie, Jan Henk van der Velden, Robert van Rossum, Walter van Dijk, Onno James, Xandra Dielen, Anton Pijpers, Arjan van den Born, Krischan Hagedoorn, Gerard van Assem, Remco van Lunteren.

On Monday 24 June, involved partners formalised this important step. During the Regional Executive Consultation Utrecht Science Park, they signed a covenant and cooperation agreement.

The Utrecht Science Park Zeist Covenant was signed by:

• Municipality of Zeist (councillor Walter van Dijk)

• Province of Utrecht (representative André van Schie)

• Newcastle Investment BV (managing director Robert van Rossum)

• Utrecht Science Park Foundation (managing director Jan Henk van der Velden)

The Cooperation Agreement Utrecht Science Park Zeist was signed by:

• Newcastle Investment BV (managing director Robert van Rossum)

• Utrecht Science Park Foundation (managing director Jan Henk van der Velden)