The Genmab Jan van de Winkel Scholarship Fund has been launched

On the occasion of Genmab's 25th anniversary and the recognition of founder and CEO of Genmab, Jan van de Winkel, Genmab has set up a fund to provide scholarships.

The fund embraces Jan's close ties with Utrecht University since 1988 and his contributions to the ecosystem of the Utrecht Science Park, as well as his role as Professor of Immunotherapy at the University since 1996 and his numerous other contributions to science (e.g. 180+ patents and patent applications and 300+ scientific articles).

Who is the fund for?

The fund provides scholarships to promising students who see their academic career jeopardized by financial challenges and PhD students conducting research in the field of antibodies, antibody-based therapies or oncology. We especially invite students whose lives have been touched in one way or another by cancer.

The excellent infrastructure at the Utrecht Science Park, the presence of a strong Faculty of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the Joint Animal Laboratory, and the large concentration of excellent researchers, students and PhD students within the Life Sciences site, were the deciding factors for us to permanently establish ourselves at the Utrecht Science Park."

Jan van de Winkel, CEO Genmab

Source: Utrecht University