Over 50,000 euros raised with HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht for Máxima Challenge

Last month, more than five hundred HU students, staff and teachers participated in the Máxima Steps Challenge. More than fifty thousand euros was collected.

On Thursday afternoon, 30 May, the cheque with the money raised was handed over to the Princess Máxima Center: a hospital and research centre specialising in paediatric oncology. 550 students and staff together raised a total of 53,887 euros. The 170 participating students from the Ad course Event Management raised about two-thirds of the amount. More than 3,000 people donated to the various initiatives.


From 8 to 30 May, the Máxima Challenge took place. In self-formed teams, employees and students competed against each other to take the most steps and raise the most money for the Princess Máxima Center. Trajectum spoke earlier with Peter, co-initiator and teacher of Integral Safety Studies (IVK).

What Peter liked most about the challenge were the playful and original actions to raise extra money. ‘Heartwarming,’ he calls them. There were 124 campaigns: ‘At Institute Movement Studies, there were five hours of continuous sports. The cycling, rowing and skiing machines had to be kept busy continuously. With that, they raised over two thousand euros.’ There was also a bingo night, a belly dance workshop, a sponsored run, karaoke, auction and a pub quiz. A team also sold Dom Towers at the Science Park.


Six prizes - a trophy with lunch voucher - were presented on Thursday. The prize for the participant with the most number of steps was won by someone who had one and a half million steps ‘on the counter’, converting about 73,000 per day. Peter: ‘And although you could convert other activities such as cycling, rowing or moving in the app into steps, it's still a lot. But she is in the middle of a move, is very sporty and by her own admission is a running addict, haha.’

The fanatical team from Planning and Roosting also won prizes. One of the participants is the mother of a daughter who has been in the Princess Máxima Centre. After a very intense period, she was eventually cured. Peter: ‘The team was so motivated to work very hard for this. Full of passion and fighting spirit, they threw themselves into the competition. Their page on the platform of the Princess Máxima Centre is highly recommended to take a look at.’

Again next year?

Although Peter was hoping for many more participants beforehand, he is very pleased with the result. Will there be another such event next year? He doesn't know yet. ‘But I have received the question more than once in the past few days, especially from enthusiastic teams. First let's enjoy the summer, as it was quite a busy period for our whole team.’

The Princess Máxima Center has a platform where you can start your own action, for example with colleagues, an association, friends or family. You can also donate to existing actions. Click here for more information.

Source: Trajectum (in Dutch)