HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the municipalities of Amersfoort and Utrecht, and the province of Utrecht have set up an Utrecht-based knowledge platform for efficient and sustainable logistics

The province of Utrecht is growing, in terms of both population and the number of businesses. As a result, the amount of logistics traffic to and from our region is growing as well. We want this growth to be as clean as possible, ideally with zero emissions and with minimal disruption to the environment. To join forces, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the municipalities of Amersfoort and Utrecht, and the province of Utrecht have therefore jointly set up the Logistics Platform Utrecht (LPU). The parties are inviting logistics companies and organisations in the region to join.

Source: Jerry van der Weert. Foto v.l.n.r.: Eva Oosters, Jan Bogerd, Arne Schaddelee en Tyas Bijlholt

During the well-attended LPU meeting on Zero-Emission City Logistics on 8 March, the initiators signed a letter of intent. The goal is strong collaboration for more efficient, sustainable and cleaner logistics in the province of Utrecht. These efforts will focus on four themes: infrastructure, digitisation, logistics in the liveable city and human capital. By working with companies and organisations and exchanging knowledge and experiences, the partners can make traffic for (re)construction, moving, stocking, delivery and waste collection cleaner and more efficient.

Education, innovation and zero emissions

Arne Schaddelee, a member of the Provincial Executive of Utrecht: ‘The region is facing several major changes that affect the logistics world, such as the mobility transition and the growth of urban areas. From 2025, for example, a zero-emission zone will be introduced for new delivery vans and lorries in many city centres, including those in Utrecht and Amersfoort. What should business owners do to maintain their operations? These kinds of topics can be an important reason to join the LPU.’

‘Within the Logistics Platform Utrecht, we’ll be working together on the transition to zero emissions and innovation for city logistics,’ says Eva Oosters, alderman for Environment & Zero-emission Transport for the municipality of Utrecht. ‘We want to create a healthy city and region, for our generation and for those to come. As a municipality, we are playing a pioneering role with initiatives like our zero-emission “beer boat” which delivers catering supplies to businesses in the city centre. At the same time, there also are challenges, such as protecting our historic wharf cellars and setting up city distribution in new residential developments. By working together, we can innovate on a large scale and make a difference for our climate.’

Alderman Tyas Bijlholt: ‘We are also working with businesses in Amersfoort to make the transition to clean transport. This is necessary in order to remain a healthy city with clean air. I am pleased with the joint commitment and knowledge of the parties involved in the platform to achieve this goal.’

Jan Bogerd, president of the Executive Board of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht: ‘HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has the mission to be climate neutral by 2030, and we are not just pursuing this within our own walls. After all, by working together, we can overcome this societal challenge. The partnership with the LPU is a great example of learning from each other in an interdisciplinary context and hearing about what is going on at other organisations and the challenges they are facing. Thanks to this real-world information, we at HU are better able to equip students to contribute ideas and help find solutions to current issues. As we work to increase the sustainability of the region, we are simultaneously training skilled logistics professionals for the challenges of the tomorrow.’


The parties are inviting logistics companies and organisations in Utrecht to join the initiative. These include supermarket chains, moving companies, all sorts of carriers and shippers (both large and small), post and parcel delivery companies, suppliers for (major) retail shops and restaurants, and SMEs in general. Other related parties, such as data and software companies operating in the sector, can join as well. The platform is the link that connects parties in the logistics sector in the province of Utrecht. 

To find out more, visit the Logistics Platform Utrecht website.

Source: Hogeschool Utrecht
Original source: Municipality of Utrecht