Course Ready to start UtrechtInc, application date is 18th of May

Ready to Start is a four-week, free, online, evening course for researchers in Utrecht to get a sneak peek into the entrepreneurial world. With this course, you will explore how you can make an impact with your research by starting a company.

We will answer questions like: What is a startup? How can an incubator help me? Is entrepreneurship something for me? Can I combine an academic career with entrepreneurship? What options do I have to start my own company? and more.

The application deadline is the 18th of May 2023 and the course will run between the 22nd of May and the 16th of June 2023. (Monday the 29th will be skipped).

Check all the details and apply using this link: 
Do you know someone that might be interested in starting their own science-based company? Send them this information!

If you have more questions send an email to or