Apply for the Hubrecht Talent Program

The Hubrecht Institute has recently established the Hubrecht Talent Program (HTP) with the goal to support underrepresented groups of students within the Netherlands in pursuing a career in scientific research. Students with a migration background from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America or Turkey are invited to apply. The HTP is specifically aimed at BSc students with an interest in pursuing a MSc in molecular life sciences. Read more about the HTP and apply below.

HTP BSc program

Through this program, we are encouraging talented and enthusiastic 3rd year bachelor students in the life sciences to get involved in different fields of research, gain hands-on experience and explore their scientific interests. An important aspect of the HTP is extensive guidance and mentoring by both Hubrecht Institute PhD students and professors to help them navigate their BSc studies, identify exciting internship opportunities and help them with applications for (competitive) MSc programs. Students can also learn about life as a scientist and what’s needed to be successful in a career in science. As a part of the BSc HTP, students can explore multiple research groups at the Hubrecht Institute and choose their favorite group for their BSc research internship. Finally, HTP BSc students will be eligible to apply for the MSc HTP, which will provide further support and mentoring to students during their MSc program and for their transition to a job after their MSc. With this initiative the Hubrecht Institute aims to promote inclusion, diversity and equity in academia, which we believe will improve the quality of science within our institute and in The Netherlands as a whole.

HTP MSc Program

As an HTP BSc student you can also register for the HTP MSc program.

More information

Find all the information you need about the HTP BSc and MSc program on the website.

Source: Hubrecht Institute