15 juli 2019

Sports Center Olympos and GenDx have signed an agreement, which implies that all GenDx em-ployees are granted access to the sport facilities of Olympos. The costs will fully be borne by GenDx. The agreement fits in the mission of Olympos to stimulate healthier life at Utrecht Science Park (USP). Several agreements with other organizations at the USP have already been set. This is the first agreement wherein the employer will pay for all associated costs.

Wietse Mulder, CEO at GenDx, commented: “We are happy that we have signed this agreement and can give all our employees access to the nice sport facilities of Olympos. It underlines one of our corporate values, which is supporting employees’ development and job satisfaction”.

Cees Verhoef, Managing Director at Olympos added: “We strive to have excellent sport facilities for students and employees of HU, Utrecht University, and other organization located at USP. We are convinced that regular exercise has a positive effect on both the joy and results of a working day. We notice that employees who schedule their working day including a moment of exercise that clears the mind, are more productive and energetic after. Also at the end of the day, if they leave a bit later, they’ll avoid the evening rush hour and once at home they’ll have more time for their family life. That provides a better life/work balance and less stress. We are looking forward to this collaboration with GenDx and we encourage other USP organizations to take such an initiative as well and above all we are looking forward to how the GenDx employees themselves will look at this initiative after a year!”.

About Olympos
Sportcentrum Olympos has extensive and versatile facilities. These are situated at the Utrecht Science Park, which is also home to Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, UMCU, the Hubrecht Institute and other top research institutions, innovative companies like GenMab and GenDx and student housing complexes. Together, this mix of science, students, sport and commerce creates a dynamic climate in which people can work and study.
Olympos offers a wide and varied range of sports, about 70 sports variants, ranging from a workout in the gym, a game of tennis, squash or beach volleyball or even Kalymnos climbing wall. All 26 student sports clubs are also affiliated with Olympos.

About GenDx
Genome Diagnostics B.V., also known as GenDx, is a Dutch company specialized in Molecular Diagnostics, focused on development, production and sales of innovative assays and analysis software for transplantation and companion diagnostics.
GenDx specializes in HLA sequencing-based typing strategies and offers reagents and software for both Sanger and NGS approaches. In 2013, GenDx started developing and distributing products for chimerism monitoring by qPCR. Thanks to its extensive in-house expertise, GenDx also offers custom laboratory services for basic and clinical research organizations. GenDx organizes dedicated HLA SBT
and chimerism monitoring training courses worldwide on a regular basis for lab directors, lab managers, scientists and technicians working in tissue typing laboratories, blood banks, and donor registries.
GenDx is based at the Utrecht Science Park, the Netherlands and was founded in 2005 by Erik Rozemuller PhD, Wietse Mulder PhD and UMC Utrecht Holdings B.V. represented by Oscar Schoots PhD and Raoul Linschoten LLM. In April 2019, Boston based firm, Ampersand Capital Partners completed a minority, growth equity investment in the company. In connection with this transaction, David Parker has joined the GenDx Board of directors along with Ampersand Operating Partner Mike Evans, PhD. Further information about GenDx can be found at www.GenDx.com.
GenDx has also an office near O’Hare airport, Chicago, IL (USA).

Bron: GenDx