11 maart 2021

Join UtrechtInc's pre-application event for their Science Validation Program on the 11th of March. In this program PhD students, postdocs and other researching employees of the university can validate their research with the market, under the guidance of mentors, investors and peers in our ecosystem - right here on Science Park.

This event covers the content of the 10 month program, how the experienced network infused by the Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht can help you to succeed and when it is the right time to apply. During the meeting there is plenty of time to ask questions and engage with the people behind the UtrechtInc ecosystem.

the UtrechtInc ecosystem is looking forward to meeting you online on the 11th of March.


Don’t hesitate to contact Jasper Voorendonk MSc, MA (jasper@utrechtinc.nl). Or call UtrechtInc. via: +31 (0)30 253 6169

You can register here for the event: https://l6a9vmo952h.typeform.com/to/GtfFvQvP

The deadline for applying for the Science Validation Program is on the 22nd of March:
Apply here: https://utrechtinc.nl/validation-science-startups/