26 augustus 2019

De Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht organiseert de derde editie van de zomercursus 'Open Science and Scholarship - changing your research workflow'. Een Engelse beschrijving van deze cursus vindt u hieronder.


This one-week course is aimed at researchers from Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht in all disciplines and career levels (from Master students to senior researchers). We welcome researchers interested in learning how to make open science integral part of their own research practice. To offer flexibility, it is possible to participate in 3, 4 or 5 days of the programme, as long as the first day is included.


We will use participants’ own workflow and outputs as a starting point (from getting funding to doing your research in the open, making your research more visible and being rewarded for openness). We will alternate between theory, discussing that theory and immediately putting that theory into practice. The course will touch on open science goals and funding, open access, open data, open peer review, assessment, reproducibility, doing outreach and more.

The preliminary full programme is here.


At the end of the course, you will have a toolbox of practical approaches towards making your research more open and you will already have started applying some of them. You will also have a better understanding of the benefits of doing so, and how to deal with existing barriers towards open science and scholarship. You will meet many others interested in and having experience with open science, and get to know the support options at Utrecht University and beyond. The course will also enable you to continue the conversation about open science at your department, as all course materials will be made available for reuse by anyone.

To register, please email Jeroen Bosman or Bianca Kramer with the following information:

  • UU or UMCU email address
  • Which 3 to 5 days (including day 1) you would like to attend
  • Dietary preferences for lunch (if applicable)
  • Accessibility concerns (if applicable)

You can also contact Jeroen or Bianca for more information on the summer school.


We are looking for UU/UMCU researchers wanting to share their knowledge! If you have specific expertise in one or more open science practices and would like to present that and/or help people apply that practice in their own work, we can try to make a slot available for you. Please get in touch through the email addresses above.

Bron: Universiteit Utrecht