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There's always plenty going on at Utrecht Science Park. The campus is a miniature city of sorts, where people work, study, live, recreate or receive care. Utrecht Science Park is the largest science park in the Netherlands, and rivals the TU Eindhoven Science Park in terms of the greatest percentile growth in job opportunities. Utrecht Science Park is the only science park in the Netherlands with its own festival and marathon event. A fascinating environment with a wealth of features and activities, in other words. The city and region of Utrecht also contribute to the Utrecht Science Park's appeal. Our Unique Selling Points are listed below.

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  1. The Princess Máxima Center is Europe’s largest centre for paediatric oncology.
  2. Utrecht is at the forefront of 3D print technologies. In 2015, the first-ever Master’s Degree in 3D Bioprinting started at Utrecht Science Park. In 2017, the Fieldlab 3D Medical officially opened. 3D Medical is the first medical Fieldlab in The Netherlands and the first Fieldlab in the Utrecht region.
  3. Utrecht University, located in Utrecht Science Park, is the biggest university of The Netherlands.
  4. Utrecht has the largest Summer School in Europe.
  5. Utrecht Science Park accomodates 51,000 students on a daily basis. An incredible amount of talent with huge recruitment potential.

  6. Utrecht Science Park offers excellent knowledge and expertise in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, Physics and Mathematics.
  7. Utrecht University boasts 12 Nobel Prize winners.
  8. Utrecht Science Park had distinctive architectural design.
  9. The Utrecht Biofabrication Facility is a leading European knowledge centre in the field of biofabrication. It brings together engineers, materials, scientists, cell biologists, clinicians and commercial partners to create a fostering environment for the development, evaluation and clinical translation of 3D tissue constructs.
  10. The only Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in The Netherlands is located at Utrecht Science Park.

  11. Danone’s second R&D centre (after its headquarters in Paris) is located at Utrecht Science Park.
  12. Utrecht Science Park has five hospitals within one square kilometre (UMC Utrecht, Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, Princess Máxima Center for Paediatric Oncology, Central Military Hospital Utrecht and Veterinary Hospital).
  13. The Rietveld Schröder House is just around the corner from Utrecht Science Park.
  14. Utrecht Science Park is the only sciencepark where a marathon starts.
  15. 27.000 people work at Utrecht Science Park.

  16. UtrechtInc. offers a successful incubator programme and focuses on entrepreneurs who can shape knowledge into innovations and thereby contribute to a healthy society.
  17. The Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) is located at Utrecht Science Park. One Health is a unique programme, in which human medicine and veterinary medicine work closely together to fight zoonoses: infectious diseases that are transferable between humans and animals.
  18. Utrecht has the most well-educated working population in The Netherlands, 53% has completed a college or university education.
  19. The world’s only MRI accelerator (simultaneous scanning and operating without incisions) was developed at Utrecht Science Park and is in use with patient treatment since 2018.
  20. Utrecht Science Park is the only science park in The Netherlands that has a satellite location in a neighbouring municipality.

  21. In Utrecht Science Park people work hard for a more sustainable future. For example, there are six buildings with the BREEAM-certification Excellent, or higher.
  22. The Hubrecht Institute is world-leading in stem cell research.
  23. Utrecht Science Park is the only science park that has sheep grazing on the grounds.
  24. Students account for one-fifth of Utrecht’s population.
  25. The Utrecht University Botanical Gardens are the green heart of Utrecht Science Park.

  26. Utrecht Science Park has the only parking garage in The Netherlands that includes a climbing wall.
  27. The Johanna student housing tower is tiled with over 250.000 tiles, made by the oldest company in The Netherlands.
  28. Genmab is the biggest biotech company in Europe.
  29. In the Botanical Gardens, you can find over 8.500 different plant species.