In brief

Utrecht Science Park is the beating heart of Europe's most competitive region. The knowledge institutions, research institutes and businesses at Utrecht Science Park collaborate intensively to develop new solutions for a longer and healthier life, now and in the future. Utrecht Science Park is a unique location where inspiration, interaction and cooperation are key. Meet the people who make the difference.


Creators of Tomorrow

The stories of ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ were part of a joint area communications campaign ‘we create your world of tomorrow’ (2017/2018).


Care team

The care team for children who are afraid to speak of the UMC Utrecht consists of Maretha de Jonge, Hilde van Braam van Vloten-Hairwassers, Fleur Wever and Marieke Ermers.

Interview with the care team

Maternity Center

We interviewed Ilanit Overbeeke, Willem de Vries and Metty Spelt geïnterviewd from the Woman & Baby Division of the Maternity Center of the Wilhemina Children's Hospital.

Interview about the Maternity Center

Ray Murphy

Barista at The Village Coffee, the coffee bar in the student housing complex Johanna.

Interview with Ray Murphy

Karin Rebel

Sustainability researcher at Utrecht University.

Interview with Karin Rebel

Jan van de Winkel

CEO of biotech company Genmab

Interview with Jan van de Winkel

Helianthe Kort

Healthcare-technology researcher at Hogeschool Utrecht.

Interview with Helianthe Kort

Appy Sluijs

Climate researcher at Utrecht University

Interview with Appy Sluijs

Diane de Kruijf

Corporate Real Estate Manager at Hogeschool Utrecht.

Interview with Diane de Kruijf

Dirk Wijnalda

Sports Coordinator at Olympos and Dutch triathlon champion.

Interview with Dirk Wijnalda

Hans Clevers

Teamleader at Hubrecht Institute, research director at Princess Máxima Center and Professor in Molecular Genetics at the UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University.

Interview with Hans Clevers

Rob van Neck

Prime construction contractor for the Princess Máxima Center.

Interview with Rob van Neck

Steye Verhoeve

Master student at the faculty of Geoscience of the Utrecht University and board member of BoKS, the representative association for all tenants of the housing association SSH.

Interview with Steye Verhoeve


Video interviews 

These videos were made for a campaing in 2014. 


Hanno Cappon

Vice President R&D Nutricia Medical Nutrition

Interview Hanno Cappon

Chantal Kemner

Professor of Developmental Biological Psycology (Utrecht University) and Director of the Child’s Research Centre

Interview Chantal Kemner

Jacqueline Cramer

Former director Utrecht Sustainability Institute

Interview Jacqueline Cramer

Edward Nieuwenhuis

Paediatrician & Chairman of the Division of Pediatrics Wilhemina Children’s Hospital/UMC Utrecht

Interview Edward Nieuwenhuis

Frans van Houten

CEO Royal Philips

Interview Frans van Houten

Elsken van der Wall

Internist/Oncologist & President of the UMC Utrecht Cancer Centre

Interview Elsken van der Wall

Helianthe Kort

Professor Demand Driven Care (HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) and Professor Building Healthy Environments for Future Users (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Interview Helianthe Kort

Elmo Wissing

Site Director Nutricia Research Utrecht

Interview Elmo Wissing

Bon Verweij & Jos Malda

Bon Verweij, Brain Surgeon University Medical Center Utrecht - Jos Malda, Associate Professor Utrecht University/University Medical Center Utrecht

Interview Verweij & Malda

André Baars

Director of Festival deBeschaving

Interview André Baars