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Utrecht Science Park Foundation

Utrecht Science Park is an independent foundation established on 12 December 2012 by Utrecht University, University Medical Centre Utrecht, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Municipality of Utrecht and Province of Utrecht. Utrecht Science Park is the driving force behind Utrecht's knowledge economy. The various government bodies and other parties represented at Utrecht Science Park are working together to realise an ambitious target: the realisation of a leading international environment for the life sciences, sustainability and health cluster.

The Utrecht Science Park Foundation aims to add social and economic value to the regional economy. The Foundation strives to achieve this goal by encouraging and strengthening cooperation between knowledge institutions and innovative companies, developing alliances in the region, offering facilities to fledgling entrepreneurs, attracting business activity, improving facilities, promoting liveability, and raising Utrecht Science Park's profile as a business location for knowledge-intensive activity.

The Foundation's activities are centred around the key concepts of 'excellent hospitality, building and maintaining relationships and reputation' . Utrecht Science Park Foundation creates optimal preconditions for new and established businesses seeking to set up and expand operations at the park. The Foundation works to create job opportunities that closely reflect the Utrecht region's key knowledge areas. This strategy helps to generate sustainable regional jobs and offer all residents of the Utrecht region and the Netherlands as a whole opportunities for prosperity and development.

As of 2017, Jan Henk van der Velden is managing director of the Utrecht Science Park Foundation.

The Foundation has an independent Supervisory Board consisting of: 

  • Peter den Oudsten - voorzitter
  • Prof. dr. Arno Hoes, lid raad van bestuur UMC Utrecht
  • Jan Bogerd MBA, voorzitter college van bestuur HU
  • Ton Logtenberg PhD
  • Margot van der Starre, vice voorzitter CvB UU



Member of the IASP

Utrecht Science Park Foundation is a member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), a worldwide network of science parks. The IASP has existed for more than 30 years and is expanding its membership rapidly every year. The association currently has 398 members from 74 countries. Each year the IASP organises a worldwide congress where its members convene. The Utrecht Science Park has been an IASP member since 2013.

International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region

The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region provides a warm welcome to internationals who live, work or study in Utrecht Region. They offer a number of free services designed to advise and assist internationals during their arrival and stay in Utrecht Region.