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Utrecht Science Park is the first science park in the Netherlands to have two different locations. Knowledge institutions, research institutes and companies at these locations all collaborate intensively to develop new solutions that enable people to live longer and healthier lives.

Significant added value
Collaboration between the two locations reflects the park’s ambition, which is to ensure that the Utrecht region gains international recognition as one of the very best in the fields of life sciences & health. Activities at both locations complement and strengthen each other. At the existing Utrecht Science Park location in Utrecht, the focus is on healthcare, education, research and the development of entrepreneurship, while the focus at Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven is on product development, product improvement and production with an emphasis on vaccines. Jef de Clercq, CEO of Poonawalla Science Park B.V. (owner of Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven): 'A wide range of life sciences companies are present at both locations. We see significant added value for further development as a result of collaboration between both locations.'

New jobs
By pooling knowledge, network and facilities, fundamental research at cell level can directly be implemented in the production of the ultimate drug or vaccine. This makes it possible to take great strides towards the development of more and better vaccines and make good health a possibility for everyone. The relocation of the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM) to the Utrecht Science Park in 2020 will also create the space necessary to attract new companies to Bilthoven and consequently strengthen the value chain further. This will pave the way for the creation of new job opportunities in the municipality of De Bilt too. Mayor Sjoerd Potters: 'Our municipality has always played a strong role in the knowledge economy, with renowned institutions and companies being based here. We offer them a good local business location and they often operate internationally. With this in mind, efforts to make our municipality an international business environment are vital to ensure that both this value chain and job creation are strengthened.”

Five years of preparation
The realisation of Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven was preceded by five years of preparations and was a milestone for the province of Utrecht. Jacqueline Verbeek-Nijhof, a member of the Provincial Executive of Utrecht: 'We and our partners in the area, neighbouring municipalities and the central government are continually considering ways to facilitate healthy growth. Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven enables us to develop new activities and strengthen economic growth in the region. This is already the case, and even more space will become available when the RIVM relocates to the Utrecht Science Park location in Utrecht in 2020. Accessibility is an important consideration, as the economy cannot flourish if it is not accessible.'

Strengthening the joint proposition
Collaboration will now focus particularly on strengthening the joint proposition. A joint acquisition policy will be developed in a second phase. Friso Smit, the New Business Development Manager for the foundation: 'This connection between research and production strengthens the appeal of the Utrecht region for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our aim is to bring 2,000 new business sector jobs to the region in the years ahead.'

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