Innovationlab Life Sciences & Chemistry
 is a fully-furnished innovation laboratory offering start-ups and established companies access to research facilities, students and scientists within the context of a co-creation environment. Innovationlab Life Sciences & Chemistry is located at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Collaboration with research and knowledge institutions offers businesses the opportunity to operate in a high-quality research environment without any need for major investments in laboratories or infrastructure. Access to the student population also enables businesses to identify talented students and offer them a work placement position or employment contract. Tailor-made business models for public-private partnerships can be developed for start-ups that are still working to attract funding. iLab Utrecht is part of a comprehensive ecosystem strategy that promotes access to research infrastructure and students, and facilitates start-ups through other means such as incubator and accelerator programmes.

A nationwide network
Innovationlab Life Sciences & Chemistry currently offers facilities in the area of chemical analysis and technology, molecular and cell biology, microbiology and animal testing alternatives. However, Innovationlab Life Sciences & Chemistry is also part of a national iLab network established by the Chemistry Priority Sector. iLabs are currently established or under development at a total of ten locations. This allows for research questions to be put to a broad network of chemistry and biochemistry experts.

Photo: Hogeschool Utrecht, Femke van den Heuvel