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Various grants and funding schemes are available to academics and new and established entrepreneurs. These investment opportunities vary from public funds to private capital.


Economic Board Utrecht

The world around us is changing at an ever-faster pace, presenting major new challenges. Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) believes these challenges offer economic opportunities. EBU helps businesses to develop green, healthy and smart business cases to the point where they are commercially viable for investors. We develop business cases with the potential to resolve these challenges and effective solutions that create new employment opportunities.

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Local Economic Fund

The Local Economic Fund (LEF) is a municipal initiative aimed at stimulating economic activity and job opportunities in the city of Utrecht. Grants are made available to parties seeking to create structural new employment, work experience placement positions or work placement positions within the municipality of Utrecht.

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Interested in applying for a grant or funding scheme? This subsidy guide offers an overview of the various available grants and schemes. is responsible for implementing these subsidies and funding schemes on behalf of various ministries and the European Union.

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European Regional Development Fund

Kansen voor West (Opportunities for West) is an alliance between the four provinces in the Randstad conurbation (North and South Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland) and the four major cities Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. These eight parties have joined forces for the second time to develop an innovative stimulus programme for the Randstad's regional economy. This programme is based around the provision of grants to the regional business community.

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Utrecht Holdings

Utrecht Holdings is the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) of Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht. We are focused on the utilisation and commercialisation of academic research. We support scientists in creating, building and investing in innovations with a particular expertise in biotech, medtech, education and ICT.

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Rabo Pre-seed Fund

Start-up businesses face two key shortages: time and money. Knowledge-intensive start-ups with a higher risk profile, in particular, can find it tough to secure funding. For start-ups like these that are unable to get financing from the market, the Rabo Pre-seed Fund offers a solution. This fund provides loans of up to €50,000 to start-ups at attractive conditions.

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Thuja Capital

'Bringing innovations to patients.' Thuja Capital is an independent venture capital firm specialised in investing in early-stage medical product companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. With their office in Utrecht Science Park, close to the University and University Medical Center Utrecht, they are conveniently located in the heart of the Netherlands, at a one-hour driving distance from Belgium.

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Aglaia identifies groundbreaking opportunities in cancer research and, in close partnerships with inventors and entrepreneurs, takes these opportunities to the next phase of technical and commercial development. In its commitment to create and build biomedical companies in the field of oncology, Aglaia does not only provide the financial means but also takes an active role in strategic and operational processes.

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