Utrecht Science Park is now completely smoke-free. This will contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment to study and work in.

In January this year, several larger organisations based at Utrecht Science Park signed a declaration of intent to bring about a smoke-free Utrecht Science Park. The municipality and the province have contributed to this by designating municipal green spaces, bus and tram stops and public roads as smoke-free zones as well.

The message above will be actively communicated to students and staff of Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and other Utrecht Science Park partners at the start of the 2021–2022 academic year.

This will be enforced by the government and Utrecht University.

Want to smoke anyway?
There are a limited number of municipally designated smoking zones at Utrecht Science Park. This ensures that there is still an alternative for smokers, without causing inconvenience to others. These zones will be indicated by special smoking tiles, which will be laid in due course. View a map of Utrecht Science Park with the smoking zones.

Support to give up smoking
If you want to give up smoking, you can go to your GP for advice. Your GP can advise you on how to give up smoking and refer you to a smoking cessation programme. Health insurers reimburse these programmes in full, without affecting the excess. Visit www.ikstopnu.nl for information and tips on how to give up smoking.

For more information about our smoking policy, please send an email to rookvrij@uu.nl.