USI is the regional knowledge and innovation broker in the field of sustainable urban development. We focus on the strategic reserves of energy, resources and water in cities. 

USI connects regional knowledge with the regional sustainability ambitions of governments, institutions and companies by developing innovation and research projects, and by providing for knowledge transfer of project results. In doing so, we offer a  home market and a 'launching customer' for regional  knowledge and innovations while contributing to the  realisation of sustainability ambitions of governments, companies and institutions in the region.

In addition, USI is ambassador of the regional knowledge and innovation cluster on sustainability. We increase the visibility of the regional knowledge, innovation and co-developed icon projects and in doing so we strenghten the sustainable character of the city and region Utrecht in the Netherlands and abroad.

In close cooperation with our network:

  • we develop national and international research and innovation projects
  • we provide for knowledge transfer in these research and innovation projects
  • we increase the visibility of the regional knowledge, innovation and icon projects

Contact details

Willem C. van Unnikgebouw
Jan Zonneveldvleugel, kamer 120
Heidelberglaan 2
3584 CS Utrecht

+31 (0)30-253 7206