SOON stimulates Social Entrepreneurship through two core methods. On one side we supervise young social entrepreneurs, so that they can turn their ideas into a successful project or enterprise. On the other side SOON helps existing organizations through its pathways to a more socially enterprising character. In these trajectories, SOON works with students and knowledge institutions, through which SOON, next to stimulating social entrepreneurship, also explains the connections between organizations, knowledge institutions and the next generation of young professionals.

What can I do at SOON?

We can best tell you this in a conversation, that is why you are always welcome to come and visit us at the office. But just to give you an idea: As an organization, you can hire SOON to have a fresh look at your business. To set your company more as a social organization in the market or as a commercial company with a more befitting social character.

As a student or graduate you can learn about social entrepreneurship and get working experience. SOON supervises you on that and offers you a work place, network and coaching. 

Contact details

Heidelberglaan 2 
3584 CS  Utrecht

+31(0)6 164 64882 (Robbert Maas)