February 10, 2022

The Utrecht Marathon powered by Utrecht Science Park wishes to make a fresh start in the coming autumn, or otherwise in the spring of 2023, and further expand on this excellent sporting event. The preparations for the planned edition on 3 April experienced so many delays, setbacks and uncertainties due to the pandemic and other things that the event has been removed from the calendar on that date. Competition numbers will remain valid and participants can also register for the Singelloop Utrecht run free of charge.

‘We are greatly looking forward to being able to organise sporting events once again. It is therefore with a heavy heart that we have taken the decision to postpone the Utrecht Marathon a while longer, especially now that possible relaxations of the measures may be announced. At the same time it is inevitable, given all the obstacles on our path’, says Remco Barbier, CEO of organiser Golazo Nederland. ‘It is a great disappointment for everyone involved, and certainly for the participants. Also because other running events may well go ahead in the same period. All the same, we wish to clarify matters to everyone at an early stage.’

Barbier: ‘We focus on organising high-quality events for our participants and spectators. The event sector has been hit hard by the pandemic, however, as has our company. A great deal of experience has been lost in our company. Although we have tried to anticipate this as much as possible, like other companies we have noticed scarcity on the labour market in our sector.’

For the current team, the preparation time for a complex event such as the Utrecht Marathon is too short for a full edition in the spring. Barbier: ‘Together with the municipality and the other parties involved, we are looking at the possibilities for the marathon to take place in the autumn instead. If this is not possible, we propose rescheduling the marathon to April 2023.’

‘The Utrecht Marathon is a wonderful running event and we therefore hope to have a large number of participants and spectators at the next edition. All the competition numbers will naturally remain valid. In addition, we will be giving all participants the opportunity to take part in the Singelloop Utrecht run on 2 October for free. Participants will receive a personal message about this next week’, says Barbier.

The decision to reschedule the 39th Utrecht Marathon has naturally been discussed with partners such as the Utrecht Science Park Foundation, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, the Olympos Sports Centre and the municipality of Utrecht.

In addition to the marathon (42.195 kilometres), the Utrecht Marathon powered by Utrecht Science Park includes a half marathon (21.1 kilometres) and a quarter marathon (10.55 kilometres), the KWF Mini Marathon (1.5 kilometres) and business runs of 21.1 and 10.55 kilometres.

Source: Utrecht Marathon