January 14, 2020

ProBioGen AG and Lava Therapeutics B.V. announced the closing of a cell line development and manufacturing agreement for Lava’s novel bispecific antibody lead candidate.

Founded in 2016, Lava Therapeutics works on the development of antibody formats for the successful retrieval and activation of the body’s own immune system to effectively kill cancer cells in the tumor microenvironment. Under the agreement and using its CHO.RiGHT™ expression platform, including its recently launched DirectedLuck Transposase technology for generation of stable high-titer cell lines, ProBioGen will conduct cell line development of a γδ T-cell engaging bispecific antibody format. With subsequent process development and GMP manufacturing, this project depicts another full-service program conducted at ProBioGen.

“We like to get our hands on novel protein formats”, said ProBioGen’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Wieland Wolf, “and we are very much looking forward conducting this project together with Lava Therapeutics.”

“Solving the manufacturing requirements early in drug development is a key element to enabling the future success of a program”, commented Steve Hurly, Chief Executive Officer at Lava Therapeutics. “With ProBioGen, we found a scientific-driven partner with a proven development platform and a dedicated analytical panel for challenging bispecific antibody formats.”

Source: B3C Newswire