August 29, 2019

Utrecht Science Park is the largest science park in the Netherlands. Together we are working on innovative solutions for social issues such as a longer and healthier life and sustainability. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Utrecht University, for example, contribute to sustainable urban development through their collaboration coordinated by the Utrecht Sustainability Institute. An inspiring example of the collaboration is the Werkspoorkwartier, an icon for circular redevelopment. In the Werkspoorkwartier, building owners, knowledge institutions, businesses and students are collaborating to transform the area into a location to attract manufacturing companies and creative start-ups. Here, research, education and circular entrepreneurship come together.

Watch the video with Evert-Jan Velzing, teacher and researcher at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Carolien van Hemel, director of Utrecht Sustainability Institute.

Together with partners Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht, Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology and Genmab, foundation Utrecht Science Park developed a series of 5 movies about inspiring collaboration and groundbreaking research at Utrecht Science Park. This is the fifth movie in the series. Watch the previous movies here.