Collaboration for improved treatment of germ cell tumors
19 mei 2022

Collaboration between the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology and UMC Utrecht has led to the establishment and recognition of the center of expertise for germ cell tumors in young men. Prof. Dr. Leendert Looijenga: ‘Through this center we are giving a major impulse to laboratory and clinical research into improved personalized treatments and combating side effects later in life. In addition, we are coming earlier to the attention for international participation in studies on these tumors.'

Statistical paradox obscures positive relationship between biodiversity and carbon storage
18 mei 2022

Conservationists have long been hoping for it: a positive relationship between biodiversity and CO2 storage in tropical forests. If you can protect a forest that stores a lot of CO2 and is also home to many different plant species, you can then kill two birds with one stone.

Milestone for Biobank Princess Máxima Center
13 mei 2022

The integration of care and research is central in the Princess Máxima Center. An important part of this integration is the Biobank, which stores patient material, such as blood or pieces of the tumor. Thanks to this material, research can be conducted to improve treatments and increase the chances of survival for children. On May 13, we received permission from the 2500th patient to store material and data in the Biobank. An important milestone.

Professor Jan Lagendijk (UMC Utrecht) receives award for 'revolution in radiotherapy'
11 mei 2022

Professor Jan Lagendijk has won the ESTRO's Klaas Breur Award 2022. This special honor from the European Professional Organization for Radiotherapy and Oncology was awarded because of the role Lagendijk had in the development of the MR-Linac.

More research needed on hypothalamic syndrome
11 mei 2022

A benign tumor in the hormone center in the brain - craniopharyngeal - can lead to what is known as hypothalamic syndrome. This condition disrupts the hormonal balance and has major consequences for quality of life. Dr. Hanneke van Santen has set up a multidisciplinary team with colleagues from the Prinses Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology and the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital to guide children with hypothalamic syndrome. Van Santen: 'As a team, we are building expertise in relation to this rare, as yet uncurable condition.'

Single cell RNA sequencing uncovers new mechanisms of heart disease
10 mei 2022

Hypertrofische cardiomyopathie is een hartziekte die leidt tot een gestreste en gezwollen hartspier. Doordat we een beperkt begrip hebben van de onderliggende mechanismen is er op dit moment geen effectieve behandeling beschikbaar voor hypertrofische cardiomyopathie.

Researchers restore shellfish reefs with 3D printed artificial reefs
2 mei 2022

Next month the project "Building with Ecosystem Engineers" will start with the aim of restoring mussel and oyster reefs in the Wadden Sea. The innovative research project of NIOZ and Utrecht University will 3D print artificial reef structures made of biodegradable material. Mussels and oysters will be able to settle naturally on these structures, after which the printed reefs will break down by themselves.