ProBioGen and Lava Therapeutics Sign Cell Line Development and GMP Manufacturing Agreement for Novel Bispecific Molecule
14 januari 2020

ProBioGen AG and Lava Therapeutics B.V. announced the closing of a cell line development and manufacturing agreement for Lava’s novel bispecific antibody lead candidate.

Lab-grown organs that can change the world forever are a ‘normal’ Utrecht product
8 januari 2020

There’s a chance that Hans Clevers from Utrecht will soon be permanently changing the world. The scientist and his team are the brain behind the revolutionary technology for lab-grown organs that, probably next month, will be tested on a person for the first time. If this transplant proves successful then it can change the lives of countless people all over the world.

Information board with former neighbourhood name ‘De Uithof’ unveiled at Utrecht Science Park
8 januari 2020

The change of name was finalised more than a year ago: De Uithof was renamed Utrecht Science Park. The well-known district name, which originated from a farm on Toulouselaan, went out of use. On Wednesday morning an information board was unveiled next to the farm in question, commemorating the history of De Uithof.

Tiny Forest in Utrecht Science Park
18 november 2019

A Tiny Forest is a dense, indigenous forest with the size of a tennis court. By only including plants which are native to the local area, the Tiny Forest can play a vital role in supporting local biodiversity by acting as a home to local critters from insects to birds and even some amphibians and small mammals. Aside from serving as a home for local wildlife, the area has also been designed with benches and tables to be a great spot for you to relax with your friends, have outdoor lectures or simply take some time to breathe and bask in the presence of unbridled nature.

Utrecht Science Park first campus with large bidirectional charging network
16 oktober 2019

With thirty-two brand new Smart Solar Charging vehicle charging points, the Utrecht Science Park is the world’s first campus that features bidirectional charging according to the new open ISO 15118 standard. This charging system can both charge and discharge electric cars, thus enabling them to actively participate in smart energy networks. The official launch took place on October 16th, 2019 in the Utrecht Science Park.

Utrecht region is one of Europe's most competitive regions
7 oktober 2019

According to the European Commission, the region is once again one of the most competitive regions in Europe. The Regional Competitiveness Index (RCI) released today ranks Utrecht joint second with London. Stockholm is number one. Issued every three years, the index rates the competitiveness of 268 European regions on the basis of more than 70 indicators. These indicators relate to factors such as innovation, accessibility, digital infrastructure, education, health and the job market.

Earth Simulation Laboratory officially opened
7 oktober 2019

Thursday 3 October 2019 saw the festive opening of the Faculty of Geosciences' Earth Simulation Laboratory (ESL). This sustainable and innovative laboratory is a world-class establishment. It enables scientists to simulate processes from deep within the earth as well as on its surface, and to study these processes with an unparalleled degree of precision and in great detail. Through these simulations, they will be enhancing knowledge of natural disasters and thus contributing to the provision of solutions that will enable us to intervene in these processes and mitigate their effects in the future.