New fund to impact tomorrow's healthcare: launch of Thuja Capital Healthcare Fund III
11 november 2020

Thuja Capital Management (Thuja) today announces completion of a first closing of its third investment fund, Thuja Capital Healthcare Fund III (TCHF III). TCHF III will invest in early-stage innovative companies and daring entrepreneurs developing best-in-class products with clinically proven benefits for patients to impact the healthcare of tomorrow.

Chocolate to show support for UMC Utrecht
5 november 2020

We have tremendous respect and admiration for the hard work of all employees at UMC Utrecht during this second wave. On behalf of all neighbours in Utrecht Oost, we would like to send them some good cheer. Today, organisations from Utrecht Science Park and Rijnsweerd delivered 12,000 chocolate hearts.

Sports center Olympos organizes free online active breaks
5 november 2020

Many of us are again working and studying from home and spend a lot of time behind our computer screens to attend lessons or meetings. Sitting down for long periods on end, not enough activity, sore muscles and tired eyes are often-heard consequences. Short active breaks, however, give you energy, interrupt the passive sitting down periods, loosen your muscles and prevent stress.

Ten Utrecht-based researchers receive Vidi grant
4 november 2020

Tien Utrechtse onderzoekers krijgen dit jaar een NWO Vidi-beurs van ieder 800.000 euro. De laureaten gaan dit geld gebruiken om een eigen, vernieuwende onderzoekslijn te ontwikkelen. De Vidi’s zijn bedoeld voor ervaren onderzoekers die na hun promotie al een aantal jaren succesvol onderzoek hebben verricht.

Dismantling the low-rise Van Unnik building
3 november 2020

This year, the UU will start dismantling and demolishing the low-rise Van Unnik building. Demolition will start in November and is expected to be completed in May 2021. Both the upper and lower parts of these adjoining buildings have been vacant for some time now. The high-rise part will remain in place and will be thoroughly renovated in due course.

Study aimed at hundreds of new student housing units at Utrecht Science Park
28 oktober 2020

Under the name ‘High Five’, Stichting Studentenhuisvesting (SSH) wants to build housing for between 800 and 900 students in Utrecht Science Park, to consist of both individual and communal housing units and the corresponding facilities. SSH wants to build these student housing units on the Cambridgelaan, between the Johanna and Cambridge student housing complexes.

How to create an organoid bioreactor (and how to market it): Interview with Dr. Bart Spee
27 oktober 2020

“It’s a big deal, but you might be underwhelmed when you see the actual device” is not the best sales pitch for a something tantalisingly named an “organoid bioreactor”. But looks can deceive. The small device that Dr. Bart Spee developed can mean big things for the pharmaceutical industry.