GenDx supports ‘Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’: all employees get access to the facilities of Sports Center Olympos
15 juli 2019

Sports Center Olympos and GenDx have signed an agreement, which implies that all GenDx em-ployees are granted access to the sport facilities of Olympos. The costs will fully be borne by GenDx. The agreement fits in the mission of Olympos to stimulate healthier life at Utrecht Science Park (USP). Several agreements with other organizations at the USP have already been set. This is the first agreement wherein the employer will pay for all associated costs.

5 million for ground-breaking research into soil subsidence in the Netherlands
12 juni 2019

Een breed nationaal consortium onder leiding van de Universiteit Utrecht krijgt 5 miljoen euro om de bodemdaling in Nederland te onderzoeken.

Children with leukemia treated with innovative CAR-T therapy
12 juni 2019

At the Princess Máxima Center children with B-cell acute lymphocytic leukemiahave been treated with 'CAR-T' cells for the first time.

InteRNA and UMC Utrecht Publish Preclinical Evidence for Potential of miRNAs in Treatment of Epilepsy
15 mei 2019

InteRNA Technologies announced today the recent publication of data from a collaboration with University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht in Journal of Neuroscience showing that the downregulation of miR-135a levels can reduce seizure activity after the onset of spontaneous recurrent seizures (SRS) in chronic-stage Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (mTLE) in mouse models. miR-135 is a microRNA (miRNA) known to control neuronal morphology and synaptic function that is upregulated in neurons in the epileptic brain.

Ampersand Capital Partners completes Growth Equity Investment in Transplantation Diagnostic firm GenDx
6 mei 2019

Genome Diagnostics B.V. (“GenDx”) announced today that Ampersand Capital Partners has completed a minority, growth equity investment in the company.

Hans Clevers elected as Foreign Member of the Royal Society
26 april 2019

Hans Clevers has been elected as a Foreign Member of the Royal Society, a Fellowship of many of the world’s most eminent scientists.