Utrecht Science Park gets the longest rainbow bike path in the world
7 juni 2021

Thanks to an initiative of student Elias van Mourik (22), Utrecht will have the longest rainbow bike path in the world. The bike path will be located in the Utrecht Science Park. University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht have joined forces for the realisation, because they fully endorse the symbol. With the rainbow bike path the three institutions want to show that everybody is welcome to be who they are.

Bicycle path Heidelberglaan closed from 7 to 11 June
31 mei 2021

From Monday 7 June to Friday 11 June, the cycle path on Heidelberglaan will be closed to cyclists. The top layer of the cycle path will be renewed during this week. Cyclists will be diverted via Leuvenlaan and Cambridgelaan. The footpaths and buildings in the Utrecht Science Park will remain accessible. The work will not cause any noise nuisance.

STRIP-1 test robot receives prestigious Prix Galien Excellence COVID-19 Award
19 mei 2021

The STRIP-1 test robot, developed by the Hubrecht Institute and biotechnology company Genmab, received the prestigious Excellence COVID-19 Award during the online ceremony of the Prix Galien Awards on 18 May. The test robot processes up to 20.000 samples per 24 hours for testing for SARS-CoV-2 and was officially put into operation in January 2021. “The scale-up turned out to be able to share knowledge openly and also complete the necessary technical validation and qualification in record time,” said the jury.

Princess Máxima Center goes green
18 mei 2021

From the initial build of the Princess Máxima Center, sustainability has been part of our core values. With a new ‘Green Labs’ initiative, the Research department now joins the race to a more sustainable future.

NanoCell Therapeutics establishes home base in Utrecht Science Park
18 mei 2021

Start-up company NanoCell Therapeutics, which develops a nanomedicine to cure cancer and other diseases, establishes its home base on the Utrecht Science Park. The company was drawn by the high quality infrastructure at Utrecht University, as well as the prospect of interdisciplinary collaborations with both the university and UMC Utrecht.

Ginkgo Bioworks Announces Agreement to Acquire Fungal Platform Technology Company Dutch DNA
17 mei 2021

Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc. (“Ginkgo”), the organism company, today announced it has signed a purchase agreement to acquire Dutch DNA Biotech B.V. (“Dutch DNA”), a company based in Utrecht, Netherlands with a proprietary platform technology focused on the development of fungal strains and fermentation processes for the production of proteins and organic acids.

Advance notice of concept ‘Omgevingsvisie USP 2040
12 mei 2021

Levendig, groen, duurzaam en bereikbaar: dat is het Utrecht Science Park van de toekomst. Hoe bereiken we dit, terwijl we ruimte maken voor de groei van wonen, werken, sporten, verblijven en recreëren? Daarover gaat de Omgevingsvisie USP 2040. Onderwijs, zorg, onderzoek en innovatie in het USP staan daarbij centraal, nu én in de toekomst.