Municipal council decides to rename 'De Uithof' as 'Utrecht Science Park'
29 november 2018

Today, the Utrecht municipal council elected to officially change the name of the district 'De Uithof' to 'Utrecht Science Park'. Utrecht Science Park is one of the most competitive regions in Europe and is the largest Science Park in the Netherlands. This new name is more in keeping with the district's international image, immediately clarifies what type of district this is and establishes a direct link to the city and region of Utrecht.

Quantib and University Medical Center Utrecht join forces to rapidly expand product pipeline of deep learning applications for radiology and oncology
27 november 2018

Quantib, a Medical Imaging AI company and University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) announced today to setup a joint venture company focused on deep learning utilizing the extensive expertise and imaging data available at UMC Utrecht.

Connection bridge Princess Máxima Center wins World of Color Award 2018
23 oktober 2018

De verbindingsbrug van het Prinses Máxima Centrum heeft de Vanceva® World of Color Award™ 2018 in de categorie exterieur gewonnen. De speelse en levendige manier waarop de brug het Prinses Máxima Centrum en het Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis met elkaar verbindt heeft de jury overtuigd.

Proposal to change the name of ‘De Uithof’ to ‘Utrecht Science Park’
17 oktober 2018

The municipal executive of Utrecht wishes to change the official name of the area known as ‘De Uithof’ to ‘Utrecht Science Park’.

MRIguidance secures €1.5 million investment round
16 oktober 2018

Growth money for BoneMRI: a single imaging exam to image all human tissues without radiation.

MILabs’ VECTor6 with groundbreaking PET performance awarded Innovation of the Year at the WMIC 2018
15 oktober 2018

MILabs is pleased to announce that its new VECTor6 with Broadband Photon Tomography technique has received the Commercial Innovation Award at the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Seattle September 12th-15th, 2018.

Google Street View car starts measuring air quality in Copenhagen
12 oktober 2018

October 9th, a Google Street View car will begin operating in the streets of Copenhagen to measure the air quality of the city. Utrecht University is responsible for the technical and scientific support of the project.