Dutch Intravacc starts concept design for multifunctional, high-capacity vaccine plant for national requirement
19 februari 2021

Intravacc, a world leader in translational research and development of vaccines, today announced that its new modern pilot production plant will soon be operational. In addition, Intravacc is leading a consortium that will start with the concept design (phase I) of a so-called Multi Purpose Vaccine Production Plant (MPVPP). In times of emergency, this factory will be able to quickly and safely produce sufficient doses of vaccine specifically for the Netherlands.

ROM Utrecht Region invests in CART-Tech B.V.
18 februari 2021

The Regional Development Agency ROM Utrecht Region has made its first investment. With their co-investment, ROM enables CART-Tech to finalise the development of its CARTBox product and introduce it to the market.

Drone video Utrecht Science Park in the snow
15 februari 2021

Did you also enjoy the white winter world last week? Jelte Keur, the maker of the iconic drone video of the Dom Tower in the fog, made this beautiful drone video of Utrecht Science Park in the snow. Enjoy watching!

New treatments in the Máxima Center by combining care and research
15 februari 2021

Care and research into childhood cancer form an integrated collaboration in the Princess Máxima Center. This leads to accelerated scientific breakthroughs. Innovations in a range of areas are currently giving an impulse to new treatment methods. Concrete examples: the use of CAR T-cells for immunotherapy, the development of organoids and sequencing of all tumors and steps that are being taken in the field of psychosocial support for child and family.

Heartfelt appeal from Ronald McDonald Children's Fund to Utrecht Provincial Authorities
12 februari 2021

The Ronald McDonald House in Utrecht has to relocate. A car park will be built on the site of the house that provides accommodation to the parents and siblings of seriously ill children.

Plastic flower boxes: students work to make Utrecht Science Park more sustainable
11 februari 2021

Jerrycans are a feature of all laboratories at Utrecht Science Park. Utrecht University alone throws away around 170 of them every week. This amounts to almost 2,500 metric tonnes of plastic a year. Student representatives of the Green Offices of HU University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht University have joined forces to reduce this waste stream. As part of the Precious Plastic project, they will be processing the plastic into useful items, with a flower box being the first. How very environmentally friendly!

Researchers discover protein that triggers muscle regeneration
11 februari 2021

Researchers from the groups of Jeroen Bakkers (Hubrecht Institute/UMC Utrecht) and Peter Currie (Monash University, Australia) discovered a factor that triggers muscle stem cells to proliferate and heal. In a mouse model of severe muscle damage, introduction of this naturally occurring protein led to the complete regeneration of muscle and the return of normal movement after severe muscle trauma. The discovery may lead to faster recovery from muscle injury and wasting diseases. The study was published in Nature on the 10th of February.