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We work to build a healthy and sustainable future for all. Scientists, entrepreneurs, local government bodies and citizens are working to build a greener, healthier and smarter Utrecht, which leads the world in terms of quality of life. Building a better Utrecht together. Education, research and entrepreneurship strengthen one other in an open innovation environment.

Utrecht Life Sciences

Utrecht Life Sciences is an open innovation network that facilitates strategic public-private partnerships in education, research and business. Our main goal is to drive innovations in human and veterinary health care. We create shared value for our partners while simultaneously providing economic and societal benefit.

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Utrecht Sustainability Institute

The Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI) contributes as knowledge and innovation broker to sustainable urban development, national and international, starting from the Utrecht region. We offer a platform for sharing knowledge, inspiration and social debate in close cooperation with governments, companies, knowledge institutes and societal organisations.

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Economic Board Utrecht

The world around us is changing at an ever-faster pace, presenting major new challenges. Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) believes these challenges offer us economic opportunities. EBU therefore helps businesses to develop green, healthy and smart business cases to the point where they are commercially viable for investors. The Economic Board Utrecht develops business cases around solutions to these challenges: solutions that work and create jobs.

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Immuno Valley

Immuno Valley monitors trends in research & development and links scientific insights to business opportunities and financing options. The ultimate goal is to translate R&D expertise into new products for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of contagious diseases.

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