Hungry for a good lunch? Then maybe you could come and have a bite at one of the food trucks at Utrecht Science Park! You can find them near the new pavillion at the Padualaan, the Coïmbrapad and on the Heidelberglaan. The schedule below shows when your favorite food truck will be at Utrecht Science Park. 'Broodje Ben','Falafel&Halloumi', ‘Mo & Zonen’ and Tour de la Frite can't wait to serve you a wonderful lunch. 



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Heidelberglaan   No foodtruck No foodtruck   No foodtruck   Broodje Ben No foodtruck
Coïmbrapad 1   Broodje Ben   Broodje Ben   Falafel&Halloumi     Falafel&Halloumi     Falafel&Halloumi  
Coïmbrapad 2  Mo & Zonen     Mo & Zonen     Tour de la Frite    Tour de la Frite   Mo & Zonen  
Padualaan   Falafel&Halloumi     Tour de la Frite   Broodje Ben   Mo & Zonen   Tour de la Frite


No food trucks available on public holidays