August 30, 2019

Skills Workshop: Customer Discovery
Who is your (future) customer and what is the problem you are solving? Get more insight in your potential customers and market and work towards a valuable problem/solution fit. How do you interview potential customers and what questions do you ask? We’ll explain in detail and you will practice and interview during the workshop.

Get Started Program
Get Started is specifically developed to test whether your research, project or business idea has potential to become a startin company with a viable business model. With our expertise and coaching you will quickly learn what your potential clients’ problem is, how you can come up with the solution and which business model and what team you would. During the workshop you will learn the basics of entrepreneurship, which is doing! Of course you will pitch your idea and receive feedback from your peers. Discover if entrepreneurship is the next step in your career!

Every month UtrechtInc organizes workshops for (future) entrepreneurs and scientists who want to train their basic skills in entrepreneurship. We offer four different workshops as part of our Get Started program: Lean Business Modeling, Customer Discovery, Pitching & Team Design and Funding. Apply for one separate workshop or the program.

The workshops take place every third or fourth Friday of the month from 13.30 till 17.30. We close the workshop with a beer or soda, together with other startups in our incubator. View our calendar for the upcoming Get Started workshops.

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