February 10, 2020

Following previous editions, Utrecht Life Sciences and Stichting Utrecht Science Park will again organize a Facility Track in 2020. It has become a tradition and the specific training for managers of a research facility who want to increase their entrepreneurial skills. Preparations are now in full swing. Do you want to join us? Then register now for the fifth edition, which takes place from February to 23 June 2020.

Are you a facility manager at the Utrecht Science Park? Would you like to:

  • Increase the income stream and research output of your research facility through partnering with research companies?
  • Gain insight into the business perspective of managing high-tech research facilities?
  • Learn about the fundamental elements of business processes, including regulations, intellectual property strategies and financial calculations?
  • Practice your entrepreneurial skills so that you can effectively recognize opportunities, think from the perspective of your customers, negotiate better deals and improve your communication?

Then this Facility Track is for you! What can you expect from the training?

  • The Facility Track focuses on experts who are responsible for managing a research facility.
  • We will train you in customer relations and entrepreneurship, so that you learn to think from the perspective of your clients.
  • We offer insights, tools and skills needed to achieve successful collaborations.
  • You will receive personal 'tips and tricks' to improve the visibility and performance of your research facility.
  • At the end of the course we challenge you to pitch your facility during the Facility Event on 23 June 2020. We will also invite external companies to share their experiences with us and give feedback on your presentation.

Duration of the programme
We start with a programme of two full days. In this first phase of the programme, all fundamental aspects of the business case of a research facility will be covered. Then, we meet monthly for a half-day workshop. Experienced and successful coaches will boost your knowledge . We will work on practicing your entrepreneurial skills.

We charge a contribution of € 1,500 to cover expenses.

17.01.2020: Registration is now closed.

More information
Do you have a question?  Please feel free to reach out to Esther Pronker via email or phone 030 800 4481.

The Facility Track is a co-production of the Utrecht Science Park Foundation and Utrecht Life Sciences and is made possible by the Economic Board Utrecht. The program is supported by Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht, Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht Holdings and UtrechtInc.