October 5, 2020

From October 5-8 the Sustainable Campus Challenge is taking place. With over 100 students from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University and community college ROC Midden Nederland we will explore the future of Utrecht Science Park and we will try to find solutions that will contribute to a more sustainable science park. Utrecht Science Park is a dynamic place where work, education, research and care all take place together. It’s also one of the busiest places within Utrecht Region, ever developing and still expanding. However, looking at the future of the science park, there’s the question of how to do that in the most sustainable way possible.  During the challenge, we will focus on four themes:

  • Sustainable mobility: How might we keep USP accessible in a sustainable way?
  • Sustainable energy: how might we get to a energy-efficient, carbon-neutral science park?
  • Liveability:  how might a healthy campus look like in the future?
  • Circularity: how might we turn USP into a zero-waste campus?

Many organizations that are active at Utrecht Science Park are involved in this challenge: apart from Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, also TNO, RIVM, SSH, Province of Utrecht, mobility programme ‘Goed op Weg’, Suez en Renewi will be involved.

Representatives of these organizations will judge the outcomes of this challenge in a jury. The best concepts for a more sustainable Utrecht Science Park will be presented during the Sustainability Day congress, organized by Utrecht University of Applied Sciences on October 8. The winner will be announced by elderman Lot van Hooijdonk.

Source: Utrecht Challenge Alliantie