Pumpkin Champion in the Botanical Gardens
26 september 2020

Who will win this year's award for the largest and heaviest pumpkin at the Dutch Pumpkin Growing Championship? Last year's winning pumpkin weighed 816.5 kg, while the absolute record in 2017 was 1011 kg! Other giant vegetables will also be weighed.

5-8 October: Sustainable Campus Challenge
5 oktober 2020

From October 5-8 the Sustainable Campus Challenge is taking place. With over 100 students from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University and community college ROC Midden Nederland we will explore the future of Utrecht Science Park and we will try to find solutions that will contribute to a more sustainable science park. Utrecht Science Park is a dynamic place where work, education, research and care all take place together. It’s also one of the busiest places within Utrecht Region, ever developing and still expanding. However, looking at the future of the science park, there’s the question of how to do that in the most sustainable way possible.

Webinar international booklaunch ‘7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success’ 6 October
6 oktober 2020

On 6 October, the new book ‘7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success’ of Carola Wijdoogen, cofounder and director of Sustainability University Foundation and former CSO of NS,  will be launched internationally. To celebrate the launch, a livestream webinar, will be hosted by the partners of Utrecht Science Park. The webinar - like the book 7 Roles - will focus on the specific skills that (future) professionals and organizations need to accelerate sustainable development. The program on October 6th with contributions of prof. dr. Annetje Ottow (Vice President of Utrecht University's Executive Board), prof. dr. Maarten Hajer (Professor of Urban Futures, Utrecht University) and Roger van Boxtel (Chief Executive Officer Dutch Railways - NS) is nowadays - restarting during/after COVID-19 - more relevant than ever. Read more and sign up.

Facility event
27 oktober 2020

More information to be added soon

31 October: second Utrecht Waterline Walking Tour will also pass through Utrecht Science Park
31 oktober 2020

The second Utrecht Waterline Walking Tour will take place on 31 October. In connection with coronavirus-related measures, it will be in a slightly different form than last year, but certainly no less fun! Utrecht Science Park and Fort Hoofddijk in the Utrecht Botanic Gardens are also included in the walking tour.